Oh goodie! Another blogger!

I’ve often thought of starting a blog before, thinking it would be good to conform to the foodies code and post glorious pictures of steaming hot plates of food whilst playing critique, and write over opinionated prose on restaurants that I frequent, or to put together a page as an ode to sewing or needlecraft constructs that I (eventually) complete. The truth of why i never got around to it really is that I’m just not that good at keeping up with these things, I will be inspired and update like crazy for a few months, then my attention will wane and it will be another of those projects that are in the corner of my sewing cupboard that will probably not ever be completed.

What has ACTUALLY made me pull my thumb out and start blogging, wasn’t a fanciful notion that ill be able to make a glorious page full of insightful and inspiring words to share a little piece of myself with the world, and is moreso driven by my own personal need to get all of the busy busy thoughts out of my cluttered brain in a productive and cathartic way. And honestly, whining to my friends and family constantly about everything might be cathartic, but its certainly not productive if you don’t want people to think you do nothing but complain or boast, or talk constantly.

And so is born my little piece of the web, where I can post a billion pics of pretty cupcakes, rant about the shortcomings of a recent video game, or simply wax rhapsodic about the meal I have just eaten at the local sichuanese restaurant, and people don’t have to read it if they don’t want to.

so welcome to my crazy. 🙂