4 years on…..

I cant believe four years have passed since my somewhat underwhelming attempts at blogging fell into my personal festering pit of incomplete things.  I’m sure this page had fun in there alongside my abandoned Mandarin classes, neglected Kitchenaid and numerous quasi-complete sewing and painting projects.  Hells, I should probably put myself in that hole as being one of my biggest failed projects.

But, I once again find myself drawn to the prospect of catharsis in writing, to satisfy an itch that cant be scratched with the vapid musings in Facebook and Instagram.  Its as if I am searching for some rich threads I can add to the tapestry of life, not to say that I am unhappy per-se, but the day to day meanderings often blur into one big ball of humdrum.  Perhaps picking out happy highlights and re-living them through here,  might just help me find that contentment that is so easily forgotten before being acknowledged.

Im not promising this endeavour will be any more or less fruitful than it was 4 years ago, in fact I cant even promise that I wont delete this idle ramble straight away, but I feel that a mental shift is required in my life, I feel its time to come out of my foggy neutral and start participating in things that bring me joy instead of hiding under my blanket of wine and introversion..

so yeah.. if you have stumbled across this page, I make no apologies for the content.. or disjointed, sporadic and poorly written entries.



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