About me eh?

Ok, I’m an Australian, 30 something going on 7, obsessive compulsive and jack of all trades (master of none).

I love baking, sewing, crotcheting. I’m a giant geek, completely into PC games (mainly MMORPGs and FPS , but I don’t mind the odd third person adventure), I play an Assassination Rogue in D&D Next (just moved from 3.5e squee!), I LOVE fantasy novels and I just can’t get enough SCIFI TV. I’m into my health, nutrition and exercise but I’m more often too lazy to apply my knowledge in these areas even tho I desperately want to.

I’m engaged to my idea of the perfect man and we have two beautiful fur baby (kitties) together. Oh and most importantly.. I’m obsessed with pink, even tho I really am not a girly girl, and am more comfortable wearing an old gamer T and jeans.

I plan to post recipes, experibake results, projects I complete, review PC games and new tech. As well as waxing rhapsodic about random life events that might be interesting or informative, oh and the odd restaurant review can’t hurt either.

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